Michael Cherry and Manfred Schenk are the only experts to have ever won Innocence, Habeas or Dauberts against Historical Cell Site Analysis / Cell Tower Tracking. Lisa Roberts is free after 12 years in jail.  

Mike and Manfred,

Lisa Roberts was released yesterday afternoon.  The DA will not
attempt to prosecute the case again. Thank you so much for your
work on this case. It was pretty amazing to be there to pick up Lisa
at the prison gate as she was released after serving 12 years for a
crime she did not commit. Cheers, William

William J. Teesdale
Federal Public Defender Chief Investigator
101 S.W. Main St., Suite 1700
Portland, OR 97204

Telephones and radios have been around for more than 100 years. Mobile telephone networks are much newer, as computer-based mobile switching centers are used to control their telephones and radios.

Michael and Manfred met when they were both working on Apollo 11 The Trip To The Moon. They are mainframe, SCADA and PC assembly language programmers who design and live communications network products and solutions. The New Yorker Magazine and The Washington Post have both written cell phone tracking articles:




 Lisa Marie Roberts was freed on 5/28/2014.

Lisa Marie Roberts Habeas Order CR233  SE Portland woman with ineffective lawyer may not be guilty of 2002 murder, federal judge says.  

Daubert Order - UNITED STATES V. ANTONIO EVANS, 892 F. Supp2d. 949 (N.D. ILL. 2012).  

Daubert - STATE OF MICHIGAN v. QUINTEL ANDREW WEST - Prosecution maps are misleading.

 "... It was clear to the Court that Manfred Schenk's testimony destroyed the testimony of the People's expert." Honorable Geoffrey L. Neithercut, State of Michigan Motion for New Trial of Tajan Marnez Williams.

Some of our cell phone tracking insights are discussed in the ABA JOURNAL. 


After listening to the defense testimony, Judge Joan Lefkow concluded that the prosecution testimony was unreliable.  In her words,

[The prosecution expert, FBI CAST] Special Agent Raschke testified that using a theory of granulization he can estimate the range of certain cell sites based on a tower’s location [relative] to other towers.  This in turns allow him to predict the coverage overlap of two closely positioned towers.  Special Agent Raschke testified that he has used this theory numerous times in the field to locate individuals in other cases with a zero percent rate of error.

Judge Lefkow was “unconvinced that [the prosecution’s] granulization theory is reliable.”  She found that the theory “remains wholly untested by the scientific community.” Her Honor commented that “[e]stimating the coverage area of radio frequency waves requires more than just training and experience;  it requires scientific calculations to take into account factors that can affect coverage.  Special Agent Raschke presented no scientific calculations and did not consider a variety of relevant factors.”  In her ruling, she excluded both part of Agent Raschke’s testimony and a chart purportedly estimating the range of coverage of the cell towers involved in the case.

ABA Journal - We Win Daubert.

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Some of our cases: 

-----In the State of Florida v. Adrian Brown, a murder case, Mr. Brown was found not guilty and walked out of court as a free man. 

----In State of Ohio v. Jamar Houser, a murder case, the judge declared Mr. Houser "innocent" and released him. The Defense Attorneys were John Juhasz and Lynn Maro.

-----In United States of America v. Terrance Brown, Toriano Johnson, Daryl Davis, Hasam Williams Joseph K. Simmons a Death Penalty Case. The jury was deadlocked and finally they agreed on conspiracy. 

-----In United States of America v. Antonio Evans, a kidnapping case, Mr. Evans was found not guilty.

-----As plaintiff historical cell phone tracking experts we successfully helped three fired electrical workers return to their former jobs. 

Judge Compares FBI Agent Testimony with Ours

Cell Tower Junk Science - Defense Attorney's Describe Cell Location Victories that We Shared - JUDICATURE Magazine 


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